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Julia Maurer
Julia studied Fine Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and at the Glasgow School of Art.

In short, her works explore permeable and ambivalent connections - between inside and outside, between people, but also connections to and within oneself.

The results are often images of great affection and hope but simultaneously of hidden aggression and denial, located changeably somewhere between perception and imagination.

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Armina Hatic, born in Mistelbach in 1976, is a freelance artist based in Vienna. She studied at the Vienna Art School for Sculpture.

Armina deals with the subject of illusion and bird's eye view, experiments with different materials and objects in her artworks. It can be often the simple things that we use in everyday life, such as cloth or sponges.

Looking from a bird's eye view, the question of our origin, affiliation or representation of interests become needless, without prejudices, as we are in an equal society. This transparent dynamic leads us to take a break from everyday efforts, makes us act in a light-hearted way and meet obligations more easily; inspires our thoughts and supports spontaneous intuitive insights; enables self-understanding and sensitivity. With self-designed and built instruments, this dynamic is represented with ink on paper or canvas.

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Armina Hatic

Sondos Abdelmalak
"I paint, I draw the thin lines I see in ordinary details I daily live. " Sondos Abdelmalak.

Tunisian\Jordanian Architect and Visual Artist, born in Bizerte, Tunisia. Sondos lives and works in Vienna, Austria. She studied Architecture at The National School of Architecture and Urbanism of Tunis. Principal Creative Director at her own Atelier since 2010.

Besides her work as an architect, she participated in many art exhibitions worldwide:

2020 Soho Gallery, international exhibition in Stokholm, Sweden.
2020 Atelier Montez, Be p*ART exhibition in Rome, Italy.
2020 Mumbai Museum, Hope exhibition in Mumbai, India.
2018 Gallery Darat al founoun, "Innocence" in Amman, Jordan.
2016 Gallery Valette, "the war is over" in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
2015 Gallery Darat al founoun, نساء "Women" in Amman, Jordan.
2014 Gallery A.Gorgi, "Paroles de femmes'' in Tunis, Tunisia.
2013 Gallery Ann's Art & kunstuitleen, "Shadows" in Groningen, The Netherlands.
2012 Gallery Saladin, "Revolution" in Tunis, Tunisia.

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Snjezana is a self-taught abstract artist based in Vienna.

Expressing herself through different art mediums has always been a significant part of my life. Her love for acting has been followed by a passion for painting. Snjezan has a Ph.D. degree in European Cultural History.

Her paintings are a reflection of her inner self, her feelings and her emotions. Snjezana's love for colors, structure, movements and harmony defines her works. Her art belongs to abstract expressionism. She loves to experiment with different painting styles and techniques but mainly paints with a palette knife, where she is applying multiple layers of colors in different intensities. That enables her to express the complexity of the human feelings and emotions that are presented in my paintings.

-ROMANTICA 2021 - Shape of my art, M.A.D.S. , Milan, Italy, April, 23 - May, 2 2021
- GAIA -The origin- 2021, M.A.D.S., Milan, Italy, March, 26 - April, 4 2021
- KROMATIC@RT, M.A.D.S., Milan, Italy, January 2021
- FABLE M.A.D.S., Milan, Italy 04-18. December 2020
- MATER "Reconditis Oedipus" M.A.D.S., Milan, Italy 13-27. November 2020;
- Intl Fair of Modern and Cont. Art, Marbella, Spain, 24. September – 3. October 2020;
- DRESSME M.A.D.S., Milan, Italy 17-30. September 2020;
- Group Exhibition, Gallery Sandpeck Wien 8, Vienna, Austria, 28. Jul – 28. Aug 2020.

Upcoming :
- COMING OUT, M.A.D.S., Milan, Italy, opening 25. June 2021
- The Gallery Steiner, Solo Exhibition, Vienna, Austria, April 2022.

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Snjezana Cirkovic

Lisa Kunit
Lisa Kunit has already gained recognition within the art market as she was already featured in various national and international exhibitions.

Thanks to her amazing talent and dedication to the artistic path she has been awarded various prizes like the 2015 Recognition Prize of the Province of Lower Austria.

Lisa's artistic journey started at the University of applied arts in Vienna, where she was studying painting beside her art history study. She was born in Salzburg and lives in lower Austria.

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Mag. Aleksandar Markovic was born in 1987 in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2013, he obtained a master's degree in fine arts. Currently lives and works in Innsbruck (Austria) as a freelance artist.

Aleksandar had 17 Solo exhibitions and has participated in over 70 Collective Art Exhibitions across EU. He is a member of the Association of Fine Arts in Tuzla Canton, the Association of Fine Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina and "Lucido Art Group", "Art Innovation Gallery" in Innsbruck, and "Tiroler Klünstlerschaft". He had experience working as an artist and professor in the USA.

2020 "Corona fund" of the City of Innsbruck
2013 Best Portrait Award, Tuzla
2009 The first Purchase Award, Mostar.
2008 Purchase Award for painting at the competition exhibition of works of students, Mostar.
2006 RECTOR'S AWARD of the University of Mostar

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Aleksandar Markovic

Patricia Fetzel
Patricia's love for painting began in her childhood. Since 2003 she experimented a lot with acrylic paintings. She loves the colorful beauty of nature and plays with the most varied colors and materials on the canvas.

Patricia finds it fascinating, how a work is created layer by layer and can develop this effect. The compositions take the viewer into a world of fairy tales and invite him to his "inner longings".
Her work focuses on abstract portraits and abstractions that she is using to explore the inner world, emotions, and a sense of depth to express. Art for her is a way of dealing with life issues and questions. By painting, the artist has her own deep access to herself. Patricia likes to work in her studio in Vorarlberg, where she explores herself and implements her creative ideas on canvas.

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Mag. Lisa Farkas is an Austrian contemporary artist known for her diverse and vibrant artworks. She creates art for people who seek to have their very personal and happiest moments, professional highlights, goals, and visions around them in an artwork. The expressive colors and techniques of her artworks brighten the atmosphere of any room.

She focuses on eye-catching details and contrasts by combining different acrylic and mixed techniques. She works on canvas and MDF boards, and when a piece is final, she carefully chooses the title for each artwork to clearly communicate her inspiration.

The artist loves abstract art for its unpredictability, the limitless possibilities of expression and interpretation.

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Lisa Farkas
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